We understand that nobody wants to bring an Employment Tribunal claim.

Most of the employment disputes we handle end in substantial settlements for our clients, without bringing claims in the Employment Tribunal.

We will always consider and advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible without an Employment Tribunal claim.

When an employment tribunal is necessary, it’s important to entrust your case to lawyers who are


All aspects of your case will be handled by a partner, never by a junior lawyer.


We have an excellent track record of achieving good outcomes in litigation and have handled all types of claims in the Employment Tribunals, Employment Appeal Tribunal, High Court and Court of Appeal.


We understand that, while litigation might be our day job, this is likely to be your first time in this situation and you will require expert guidance though the process – from preparing and submitting your claim, to disclosure, witness statements and on to representing you at full hearing.

Fully on your side

We are committed to only representing employees, we NEVER represent companies.

Have a competitive edge

We know how your employer operates, not just from our experience representing employees in disputes for many years, but because we used to work at leading employer law firms, representing large companies, SMEs, owner-managed businesses and start-ups across a wide range of sectors, and we are able to draw on this experience to give you an advantage in your claim.


we will give you early, clear advice on whether your claims are likely to succeed, and on costs, to enable you to make an informed decision on whether litigation is the right course for you.


We are able to offer a variety of funding options to suit your situation.

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