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Many clients need our support because they feel they are unfairly treated by their employer or being pushed out of their job. These range from obvious Constructive Dismissal cases to subtle undermining of your position.

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We understand how difficult it can be when your employer’s actions make you feel like are being pushed out. You don’t have to face it alone, we can help negotiate a termination payment, so you can leave on your terms. So we have the best chance of helping you, make sure you contact us for a free consultation before resigning. 

At Bloomsbury Square Employment Law, you will speak directly with our Partners. We have helped many clients – often senior leaders and key employees – that have experienced role erosion, been side-lined or replaced while still in role, or whose employers have manufactured a sham redundancy or performance process. We can anticipate your employer’s next manoeuvre and protect you from their attempts to force you out. 

We offer a free consultation for clients who have been employed for over 2 years with a comfortable salary. We can negotiate your exit under favourable conditions with a settlement payment that can secure your immediate future.  

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Because each of us has 15+ years of experience, we know the key levers in motivating your employer to pay you to leave  You will always be dealing with a Partner who has years of experience and we will devise the best strategy to achieve a termination settlement so that you can comfortably move on to a brighter future.   

Contact us for same-day consultation tailored to your circumstances.

Questions about constructive dismissal

Here are some common questions we get around constructive dismissal:

Q: What is constructive dismissal?

A: Constructive dismissal is where your employer’s conduct has destroyed or seriously damaged the employment relationship and you resign as a result.  It is a difficult test to meet but less serious conduct by your employer can still enable you to negotiate a termination payment from your employer.

Q: I am unhappy with my employer’s conduct – what should I do?

A: If you think you may want to stay in your role then the best thing to do is raise your concerns with your employer and try to resolve them.  If you want to leave, then your employer’s treatment can be used as a basis to start discussions about a settlement agreement whereby you resign with compensation.  If this is not possible you may be able to resign and claim constructive dismissal

Q: Should I resign and claim constructive dismissal if I can’t put up with my employer’s conduct anymore?

A: You should not resign until you have sought legal advice.  Constructive dismissal can be difficult to prove and by resigning you give up options for putting pressure on your employer, such as raising a grievance. You may harm your prospects of obtaining compensation from your employer

Q: I have less than two years’ service, can I claim constructive dismissal?

A: There is no separate claim for constructive dismissal and the requirement to have two years’ service to claim unfair dismissal applies unless your employer’s treatment of you is discriminatory or linked to a limited number of other situations such as whistleblowing.

Q: Can I claim constructive dismissal because of something that happened a while ago?

A: No, you need to act quickly or you will lose the right to claim unfair dismissal.  This does not mean you should resign without first seeking advice

For tailored advice to your situation, why not speak to a highly experienced team of employment lawyers and get peace of mind that you are leaving with a fair outcome today.

Constructive Dismissal concerns we have resolved :

  • Changes in your responsibilities and role
  • Change to your usual work environment
  • Being replaced from your existing projects
  • Employer making unusual and impossible requests
  • Employer fabricating grounds for disciplinary action or redundancy
  • Increased hostile work environment
  • Bullying and Harassment

Why choose Bloomsbury Square Employment Law?

Bloomsbury Square Employment Law is committed to providing Partner-level advice to all. 

We are all highly-experienced employment law solicitors who each have at least fifteen years’ employment law experience.  Between us, we have acted in and advised on hundreds, if not thousands of constructive dismissal settlements and employment tribunals. We are dedicated to acting for employees and our aim is to maximise the value of your claim or settlement agreement.   

You will receive a swift and efficient personal service from an experienced practitioner who understands what you are going through. 

Meet the Partners

Garvey Hanchard
Senior dispute resolution & constructive dismissal expert
Will Burrows
Highly experienced heavy hitter in employment & negotiations
Nicola Welchman
One of London’s top rated employment lawyers
Chris Hogg
Unflappable and assured employment law expert

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