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With a proven history of successfully navigating intricate employment cases, our Partners bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, allowing us to adeptly handle even the most complex and multifaceted employment challenges.

The firm offers a comprehensive range of expertise tailored to both employees and employers. From providing expert advice on intricate matters of Employment Law, Discrimination, Ex Gratia negotiations, and Whistleblowing Protection, to guiding clients through the complexities of Constructive Dismissal cases and Performance Improvement Plans (PIP).

Our approachable Partners understand the circumstances employees face when leaving employments and each Partner has over 15 years experience to deal with the most complex cases.

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A story of performance management

When a Black British finance professional raised valid concerns over his employers conduct, his life was made unbearable at work, forcing him to resign. Will Burrows worked with them to get the best possible result.

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A story of constructive dismissal

When a senior finance executive received a letter and draft settlement agreement from his employer, Garvey Hanchard, worked with them to get the best possible result.

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A Tribunals proceedings case study

When a professional woman raised concerns over sudden changes in her new role, she was informed she had failed probation. Nicola Welchman ensured her rights were upheld and she got fair treatment.

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Read through our library of guides to your rights as an employee.

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Featured articles from our partners

Impact of Menopause in the Workplace

Nicola Welchman of Bloomsbury Square Employment Law discusses the changes that are needed in the workplace

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Employment Disputes – Negotiation, Mediation or Litigation

Employment Partner and Accredited Workplace Mediator at Bloomsbury Square Employment Law discusses the options

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The Importance of Whistleblowing Laws

Bloomsbury Square partner, Will Burrows explains the importance of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

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Restrictive covenants – What to consider when leaving employment

Bloomsbury Square partner Chris Hogg weighs up the risks of breaching restrictive covenants

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