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I have over 20 years employment law experience working for top ranked employment law teams and acting in several leading employment law cases. I was drawn to employment law because I enjoy working with people and helping resolve the myriad of issues that arise in the workplace. My vast experience enables me to simplify the often complex legal issues to enable you to find a solution to your concerns.

My experience

Over the years, I have dealt with every type of employment law case from discrimination to contractual disputes, from rights on a TUPE transfer to boardroom breakdowns; acting for both employers and employees. I have particular experience in dealing with disability discrimination and long-term illness and the enforcement of restrictive covenants and how to avoid this.

Having worked in the City of London for most of my career, I have dealt extensively with the financial services sector. I have acted for and against many of the leading banks, brokers, and insurance firms.

Recent cases:

  • Negotiating a significant extra compensation payment from a bank, even though the employee was also receiving a substantial six figure payment from the permanent health insurer.
  • Securing a settlement on the day before the Tribunal Hearing for a longstanding employee, whose employer had alleged serious wrongdoing and had sought to bring a claim against the employee relating to this.
  • Acting for a Senior Executive of a major UK defence employer, achieving a large increase to the six figure settlement payment and addressing all issues relating to outstanding share options
  • Advising a senior bank executive, who wasn’t provided with a role following an overseas secondment, negotiating a substantial settlement and addressing cross border issues.
  • Pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim for disability discrimination and using Judicial Mediation to obtain a settlement the employee was very happy with.
  • Helping an employee on long term sick leave achieve an excellent exit from the business, assisting her to craft her narrative of mistreatment into a compelling discrimination claim.

My approach

I recognise that a breakdown in your relationship with your employer is extremely stressful so I help you achieve your aims as simply as possible. Having worked extensively with many different kinds of employers I know the approach that is most likely to achieve what you want as quickly as possible.

Where your employer is not amenable to a quick resolution, I am a tenacious advocate and will pursue your matter in the strongest terms, using my years of experience conducting complex Employment Tribunal and High Court litigation.

I will continue to look for opportunities to reach a great outcome without the uncertainty and expense of going to a hearing, including using mediation.

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