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Whistleblowing for employees: Who to tell and what to expect

We take whistleblowing cases very seriously, and so does the law. It is one of the most serious claims an employee can bring against their employer as it involves an employee reporting serious wrongdoing and then being victimised for doing so. Lives have been lost and companies destroyed because directors failed to listen to whistleblowers.

You may feel that the world’s been taken away from you, loss of earnings, job, stature, and facing an uncertain future purely because you did what was right by raising serious concerns at work.

Taking legal advice is the first step to maximise protection for you and your future. We can advise you on your rights and protect you from retaliation and reputational damage that your employer may cause to you.

We are currently acting in some of the leading whistleblowing claims in the City of London and we have previously acted successfully in a large number of high value whistleblowing claims, all of which led to large settlements being achieved

Whistleblowing  is an incredibly complex and technical area of law and whether a disclosure is protected or not can often be a matter of dispute that’s why you will need high level representation and solicitors with a strong track record of dealing with the nuances of  each case. Your issue will get the attention it needs.

There is a wide range of legal protection available for whistleblowers and we can help you find your feet, assess the merits of your case and advise you on next steps.

The first step is a free consultation directly with our experienced Partners.

Damages can be unlimited, our fees won’t be.

We can get you a settlement or take your case to the employment tribunal. Either option will be determined following our free consultation based on your specific situation. Over 99% of our clients obtain settlement before a final hearing, and over 95% without the need to issue proceedings.

We will ensure that you have clear information on fees so that you have control of your costs right from the start.

As a boutique firm, our partners have the same standard of expertise as partners in large city firms, but we are able to charge lower fees due to our lower overheads.

  • In a whistleblowing claim, if you have been dismissed, you can claim unlimited damages, and we can help you achieve the full value of your case, which includes the value of all your future loss of earnings incurred as a consequence of your employer’s actions.

With whistleblowing, no two cases are the same. We are here to guide you so you can make the best choices for your case, using our specialist knowledge and experience of whistleblowing law and procedures.

Here are some common questions we get around Whistleblowing. If any of this applies to you, we can help. Arrange a free consultation today.

Q: Will there be any repercussions if I raise concerns at work?

Not always. Many employers have whistleblowing hotlines and large employers in heavily regulated industries even have entire teams dedicated to investigating concerns and protecting employees. Some employers, however, prefer to silence and punish those who speak out, which is when we tend to become involved.

Q: Where can I go for support during this process?

The ACAS Helpline (0300 123 1100) provides free and impartial advice for employees on a range of issues, including whistleblowing in the workplace. Do no rely on ACAS for legal advice, they are not lawyers;

Public Concern At Work is a whistleblowing charity which advises individuals on whistleblowing matters at work

Q: Will my employer be notified if I make a whistleblowing disclosure?

In almost all cases qualifying for protection, the initial disclosures should be made to your employer. Your employer will, therefore, know you have made the disclosure unless it operates a confidential whistleblowing hotline. In certain circumstances, in particular where there is evidence that your employer will not treat your concerns seriously, or retaliate against you, you can make a protected disclosure to a regulatory body, which will treat your disclosures as confidential and wont’ reveal your identity.

Q: What disclosures count as whistleblowing?

The correct test is whether an individual has a “reasonable belief” that the disclosures are in the public interest and “tends to show” one or more of the “relevant failures” set out above. This belief must be genuine, but there can be more than one reasonable views depending on what anyone else might have believed in the same circumstances.

We are here to help and assess your situation. All in total confidence.

Q: What legal protection is available for whistleblowers?

There is a wide range of legal protection available for whistleblowers and we can help you find your feet, assess the merits of your case and advise you on next steps.

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