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If you need settlement agreement reviewed urgently we can help.

We will arrange a free consultation within the hour (during office hours) and be on hand to sign off your Settlement Agreement on the same day.

We offer rapid turnaround on our services, no cost to you – your employer pays.

Our expert employment solicitors specialise in reviewing, preparing and advising on settlement agreements. With a wealth of expertise in dealing with settlement agreements, they can provide you with quality, easy-to-understand advice at an expediated turnaround time to meet any deadline.

During your call, we will be able to advise you on:

  • What claims you may have against your employer
  • Whether the value of your Settlement Agreement is fair or not
  • Whether we can achieve a better outcome for you by negotiating
  • Whether the terms of the agreement are fair, or need to be amended
  • What the likely outcome will be

We are exclusively a Partner only firm. This means you will get the highest level of representation throughout your case. Our Partners have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in employment law and we can tell you straight away if your settlement offer is fair or not. This means you will get highest level of service and meet any Settlement Agreement deadlines.

If we believe that your offer is unfair, or you need amendments to your Settlement Agreements, we will be able to negotiate with your employer on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Once you have spoken with us, you will have the confidence to know you are getting the highest level of service to sign off your Settlement Agreement.

Contact us with your Settlement Agreement and a Partner will be available to discuss your Settlement Agreement with utmost urgency. We typically call back within one hour of your initial enquiry.

Settlement agreement negotiation service

We will be on hand to advise if we believe that your offer is unfair. Then we will be able to negotiate with your employer on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We appreciate the importance of getting your agreement right. Our solicitors understand the complexities of dealing with settlement agreements. If you will have the confidence to know you are getting the best deal, or how to achieve it.

It’s important to act quickly and we are often able to commence negotiations with your employer swiftly with the aim of concluding negotiations within days.

Who we are

Bloomsbury Square Employment Law is committed to providing partner-level advice to all.

Each of our partners has at least 15 years’ experience in employment law and if you have a settlement agreement, you can get in touch with us and get direct access to our partners to streamline the settlement agreement process.

We represent professionals from all industries and backgrounds and have a strong reputation in the employment law field, to the extent that many of our clients are solicitors themselves, from large City firms.

You will receive swift and efficient personal service from an experienced practitioner who understands what you are going through.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement agreements are often given to employees with over two years’ service at the start or end of company procedures such as:

  • Protected Conversations;
  • Performance Management Procedures;
  • Disciplinary Procedures;
  • Redundancy Consultation; or,
  • Grievance Procedures.

You must engage a solicitor to advise you on your settlement agreement in order for the document to be lawfully entered into and the fee for advising on your settlement agreement will be paid by your employer.

If we advise you that we believe that your settlement agreement can be negotiated, we can offer a variety of funding options to you, but we will always demand that your employer covers 100% of your legal fees.

Here are some common questions we get around Settlement Agreements:

Q – Do I have to accept a settlement agreement?

A – No, you do not. It may be in your interests to accept a settlement agreement, but it all depends on the value of the settlement agreement offer, your specific situation, what claims you may have against your employer and your desired career path.

Q – Can I negotiate the value of my settlement agreement?

A – Yes, you can, if there are grounds for improving the offer that you have been made. Our partners will speak with you on the day you contact us to review with you whether or not you can negotiate your settlement agreement, the likely value of the outcome of any negotiation and how you can achieve this. We significantly improve the value of the vast majority of settlements we negotiate.

Q – Do I need an independent solicitor to advise me on my settlement agreement?

A – Yes, you do. As a matter of law, you need to take independent legal advice from a solicitor who has no relationship with your employer to advise you on your rights and the terms of the agreement. Your employer will pay your legal fees for taking this advice.

Q – Will agreeing a settlement agreement affect my employment prospects?

A – No, it will not. Settlement agreements are now an extremely common way of ending the employment relationship. Your employment contract sets out the terms of your employment with your employer, whereas a settlement agreement simply sets out the terms of the termination of that relationship. You will agree not to take legal proceedings against your employer and give various, standard warrantees, and in return you will receive financial payments from your employer.

Q – Will my new employer know that I have signed a settlement agreement?

A – No, it will not. Settlement agreements are confidential between the parties entering into them. There will be a clause in your settlement agreement that binds you and your employer to terms of confidentiality, meaning that no one can disclose the fact of, or contents of, the settlement agreement unless in specific and very narrow circumstances. You will get a reference guarantee in the settlement agreement that commits your employer to giving a form of reference (and no other form) to your new employer.

For tailored advice to your situation, why not speak to a highly experienced team of employment lawyers and get peace of mind that you are leaving with a fair outcome today.

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